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We offer a professional air conditioning and refrigeration design service for all the projects we undertake and each client brief is intelligently explored and interpreted by our design team.

Our experienced and imaginative designers work with the latest computer aided design, (CAD) software and are able to produce stunning results. Our expertise also provides practical solutions, often where others cannot.

Design concepts are developed into detailed schematics and layouts.
These are prepared ensuring that the clients brief and operational requirements are met in full. Equipment budgets are agreed at an early stage of the planning procedure and all in accordance with the clients capital expenditure allowance.

Design recommendations incorporate expert assessment of the aesthetic and the practicalities of plant and equipment, paying particular attention to equipment located outdoors. Our designs take in to consideration things like access for planned maintenance and service engineers, criteria often overlooked or put on one side by designers. Our designers also understand current legislation, ensuring that all designs meet and exceed trade, local and national statutory legislation.

We constantly look to improve our service to our clients and always have a design and installation debrief after each installation. This gives the designers better working knowledge of systems and helps to eliminate potential system flaws at the design stage. This allows our installation engineers to carry out installations with maximum efficiency.

Following presentation of the design and after client approval has been reached,the project is passed to our project managers who then liaise with the client at the site stage.

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