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This ducting installation was completed during September this year.
After the completion of a new 5 colour printing press our client found that the production area was getting too hot.
We supplied and installed the spiral ducting to transfer the heat rejected by the built in air conditioning units to the outside of the facility.
The print press operators noticed a huge difference in the temperature straight away allowing them to operate much more efficiently and comfortably.


Further more, the installation of the ducting reduced the temperature of the press creating less stress and increasing it’s life span.

We completed this particular installation in two days with no disruption to the operation of the press.

The whole installation included 560 mm 400 mm and 160 mm spiral ducting.


We are able to carry out many types of ducting installations including spiral and box section. Our designers and teams of installation engineers have years of experience with varied projects from toilet extract to clean room production facilities.

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